Procrastination is So Much Fun: Paper Doll Heaven Online Fashion Game



Next to singing in the shower and watching Celebrity Fit Club (love Young MC), procrastination is my favorite thing to do. On a bad day, I can be found procrastinating about, well, procrastinating, which leads to doing absolutely nothing (which is the point of procrastination, right?). On a good day, I stumble across great deals and sites like Paper Doll Heaven. Paper Doll Heaven is sort of like Vogue meets giving fashionistas around the world the chance to dress Paris Hilton in clothes that don’t make her look like a Bratz Doll. Sore Point: You can’t save your dress-ups.

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  1. Vanessa says


    I loved this paperdolls website! I loved Barbies growing up and it feels like playing with Barbies again. They have so much celeberity dolls on site. It’s so fun I know it will be my little addiction for the next while. Fun for girly girls plus it gets me to start being creative with fashion and I can pick my favourites like Halle Berry and see what works and doesn’t work. Great idea1. I’m passing it on to my friends.

  2. says


    i luv stardoll i go on it nearly every day i think it`s amazing and i only (10)my mum and dad i lost in a crash so i`m adopted i luv it XXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. nasha says


    hey evry body i just want you to know that i am apart of stardoll and i like this so much because
    you can enjoy your personality on the internet


  4. johnazia says


    well the realy reson why i like this website is becaus eyou can share your personalty and they have lots on celebrties on here and i love dressing that’s so raven bacse she is a positiva and kind pperson i also like 50cent becase he is fine and sexxy and i love me a sexxy man and i have a boy next t me buging me about this so please send me a comment at my yahoo page today

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