The Most “Likeable” Wedding Dress Ever: Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Dress on a Budget

Credit: Grazia Daily

“Like” this. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has officially been digitally dethroned. Actual royalty? Bah. So 2011. In our society of friending/tweeting/pinning/instagramming/etc, “social” status is currency. Literally. You know, with Facebook’s crazy, larger-than-Google IPO. This leads us to conclude that the British monarchs got nothing on Facebook’s new first lady, Ms. Priscilla Chan. Scratch that. Dr. Priscilla Chan.

As everyone and their mothers are well aware of, our favorite resident geek/Harvard dropout/billionaire who’s not yet 30, tied the knot to his long time sweetie from college this past weekend. The two lovebirds tied the knot in a surprise ceremony, and unsurprisingly, the news went viral. And yep, it’s Facebook official (cuz you know it’s not real until it’s Facebook official), and “liked” over 1.3 million times from “friends” of Zuck.

Priscilla’s dress, in the process, has become a digital sensation. The floral cut out wedding gown with a unique neckline is the brainchild of one Claire Pettibone, a LA- based designer who will, no doubt, become a household name. The “Sky Between the Branches” dress retails for a mere $4,700. Yes, mere $4,700. Sure, for us mortals with finite incomes in 9-5 jobs, $4,700 is a lot. But if you’re marrying Mark friggin’ Zuckerberg, a man not yet 30 and worth an estimated 17.5 billion bucks, $4,700 is petty change. Less than petty change. And in our books, this makes Priscilla, inadvertently or not, a budget fashionista.

Now, we’re going out on a limb here and presuming that most of our readers don’t have that sort of money. Fear not. There are ways to relish Priscilla’s stylish taste on a budget. We’ve gathered our favorite 10 dresses inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s wife. Congrats to the newlyweds, and Priscilla, welcome to the unwitting fashion icon club!

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  1. Blair says

    haha LOL. Love this article. I did like Priscilla’s dress a lot. Wonder why she didn’t pick a more expensive one.

  2. Liz says

    So true. Less than 5K for a wedding dress is not that much… if you’re Mark Zuckerberg’s wife. Wondering why she didn’t spend like 20K… which still wouldn’t be that much for Mark.

  3. says

    I get the feeling that this couple are not flashy in any way at all, and I have to respect that. Compared to some of the sights you see at celebrity weddings, this is a refreshing change! They will be criticized for it, but then they would be criticized if they spent too much, so I guess they can’t win whatever they do!

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