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Like it or not, as part of a computer-dependant world, we’re impacting the environment through many of our habits and jobs, from the hardware we use to the way we communicate. Consider the environmental impact of pushing print. We’re not suggesting you stop printing; we’re just asking you to consider printing smarter and helping to reduce paper waste.

1. Double up. Print on both sides by changing your printer settings to duplex. If you don’t have a duplex printer, simply re-use paper and print on the unused side.  Consider printing two pages per for sheet for Word and PDF documents. You simply need to click on “print” and then change the drop down where it says “pages per sheet”.

2. Minimize your margin. Decreasing your page margins can make a big difference on total page count, especially on longer documents. A margin of .75 inch or .50 inch is quite acceptable (versus Microsoft’s default of 1.25 inch).

3. Fine-tune your font. Using a smaller font such as 10 or 11 points can greatly reduce the length of your documents.

4. Preview your print. Ensure you are really getting what you want before you click Print especially important when printing spreadsheets. How often have we intended to print a spreadsheet and printed six additional, unnecessary pages that each have an inch-worth of content on them?  ‘Nuff said!

5. Print green. Use recycled aper.

6. Recycle, recycle, recycle. We’re guessing you’re a green soldier at home, but if your workplace has yet to get with the program, why not ask them if they are planning on implementing a recycling program?

If you reduced the number of pages printed by 50 percent using these tips, you could save an average of 130 pounds of CO2 per year. Wow. Now that was easy!

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