5. Get a Haircare Routine
I know your schedule keeps you so busy that you barely have time to make it to a salon or even do your hair yourself but the benefits of having a good hair care regimen is beyond what you can imagine. Hair regimens help train your hair for easy manageability and you can really see changes in the texture and overall look of your mane after a few weeks.
Also be sure to eat the right foods like almonds and take healthy supplements like fish oil which is known to promote hair growth as well as nail growth.

6. Nix The Hair Glue
Seriously, hair glue when not applied correctly can leave you completely bald around the edges. Instead, try a sewn in weave or if you must use glue, please, please, allow a professional to do it, and make sure you treat your scalp and edges when you take the wig off.

The main ingredient to prevent hair loss is to maintain a healthy scalp. Once you get your scalp to a
healthy state you will begin to see the changes.

Now it’s your turn to share. What are some things you do to prevent hair loss and thinning edges?