6 Ways to Prevent Your Hairline from Breaking Off

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Do you remember last year when an unsightly picture of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s hair loss surfaced? No, well let me refresh your memory.

This photo of Naomi had every beauty salon talking. Hair loss, especially around the crown is all too common in black women. One can chalk it up to our obsession with wearing weaves and lace front wigs. But what many may not know or fail to realize is that thinning edges can also be hereditary and do to improper hair care even if you don’t wear a weave or a wig.

I must admit that looking at that photo of Naomi made me feel for her and want to send her a care package of scalp renewal treatments. As black women, it is imperative for us to treat our crowns like royalty. We must pay attention to our hair needs and take the time out to treat and repair our hair.
Once a victim of hair loss, I had to learn and educate myself on what to do to keep my hairline and scalp intact. If you’re a victim of thinning hair or loss of edges or see you’re on your way there, check out our 6 tips on getting your hairline back and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Welcome to brown girl hair care 101.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase

Silk Scarf 6 Ways to Prevent Your Hairline from Breaking Off

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Every brown girl over the age of 16 should know this by now. Cotton scarves and pillowcases will slowly but surely pull your hair out. Add the late night tossing and turning and by the end of the week, you’ll see that your edges are starting to disappear. A silk scarf and/ or pillow case will help save your edges from breaking .