Presidential Green: Web round-Up

The Budget Ecoist links you to the best of the new administration eco buzz from around the web:

This week marks a new presidential administration for our fair country, and it is an administration that environmentalists are welcoming and pinning high expectations to. In a nod to our new administration, we’ve gathered some of the best eco buzz from the week, revolving around the new administration.

In Historic Inaugural Address, Obama Pledges to Take on Global Warming, via The Daily Green: In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama stated, “Each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.”

Schwarzenegger Petitions Obama to Terminate EPA Emissions Ruling, via With President Barack Obama barely a day in office, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lost no time in writing the nation’s new chief executive to ask that he direct the EPA to favorably reconsider the Golden State’s request for a Clean Air Act waiver.

An Environmental Agenda for Obama’s First 100 Days, via Presidents are often judged on what they accomplish, or fail to accomplish, during their first 100 days in office, and Barack Obama will be no exception. As soon as Obama raises his right hand a noon today and takes the oath of office to become America’s 44th president, the clock will start ticking on his first 100 days.

Ruminations on the Obama era, with a side of spicy peanut sauce, via As a nation, there is an important aspect we still refuse to grapple with in its totality: food. We work in the daily grind each day, mostly in order to put food on our tables and nourish our families. Yet in our national discourse, the closest anyone gets to talking about food is either in considering the minutia of the farm bill or decrying the latest food-borne illness outbreak that is often brought about by that very minutia.

Anonymous Hold Put On Confirmation Of EPA Chief, Environmental Quality Chair, via Huffington Post: The confirmation of Obama’s choices for EPA administrator, former New Jersey environmental chief Lisa P. Jackson, and White House Council on Environmental Quality chairwoman, Nancy H. Sutley, were delayed because an anonymous senator has put a hold on their nominations.

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