Preserving Fall Leaves: Look for Less

The trees are beginning to turn glorious shades of gold, orange and red. As much as we love spending time outdoors enjoying the fall color, it’s easy to bring the color indoors by preserving some fall leaves.

The most common way to preserve fall leaves is to simply stick them inside a big book. Using a book that you don’t mind staining the pages (all that pretty color can bleed onto the pages), lay down two plain white paper towels, and place dry leaves between them, making sure that they don’t overlap. The thicker the book, the more leaves you can place inside – just be sure to keep around 20 pages between each set of leaves. Set the book aside for about a week, then take out the leaves and enjoy . . .

Use the leaves to decorate, such as on table place settings or under candles, or put leaves inside pretty picture frames to show them off.

Photo by Dru McPherson

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