Prabal Gurung Designs Sephora Cast Costumes


It’s pretty much a given that Sephora’s Beauty Advis0rs are cutting edge and ridiculously trendy when it comes to the makeup department, but now, they’re getting a makeover in the wardrobe department.  CFDA award winning fashion designer Prabal Gurung designed new “cast costumes” for the Sephora Beauty Advisors in North America.  The new uniforms maintain the integrity of Sephora’s brand image, while incorporating Prabal’s fresh reinterpretation of Sephora’s classic colors of black and red.  Prabal’s design includes a versatile shift dress and fitted pant suit with blazer for women and sleek separates for men.

Since the uniform has remained unchanged since 2001, we think the update was totally called for.  What do you think?  Love it or hate it?

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  1. Denise says

    I’ve never been impressed with Sephora’s “beauty advisors” here in Colorado, so maybe these new “uniforms” will make them more knowledgeable?!

  2. Erin says

    You look at the dress and think “Cute!” or “Awesome! That’s different!” But then you look down at the shoes… I’d love to see a Sephora employee where those for at least a 6hr shift. Have fun, ladies.

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