Post-Halloween Sales: What You Should Buy

You don’t need to wait for Black Friday to start saving on your shopping and grocery expenses. Sometimes, the more minor sales, such as a Post Halloween sale, can help you rack up major savings as well. Check out the top five things you should consider buying in this year’s post-Halloween sales.

What to Buy in a Post Halloween Sale

1. Pumpkins. You probably think I’m nuts, but at prices slashed to sell, stock up on the gourds of choice. Next. chop and freeze in baggies. Or, puree and freeze in ice cube trays. Why and what for? Well, there is nothing like having fresh pumpkin at your finger tips (especially around Thanksgiving when I’ve seen store shelves go dry) and at a cost much less than canned or “outside of holiday” average.

2. Everything Household. Napkins, tablecloths, candles, streamers… and don’t fret that everything will be crittered with ghosts and candy corn. Pick up fall-toned items in orange, brown, green, yellow…and use it all fall/winter or even next autumn/fall (if it lasts). I love going to Ross, TJ Maxx, Target, or Home Goods and stocking up.

3. Costume Accessories. Notice how that stethascope cost $25 pre-halloween and only $10 post? Snap it up! Not sure what you will want to be next year? Doesn’t matter — start collecting costumes, props, and other miscellaneous items and begin the useful existence of a costume box. Every home should have one!

4. Decorations for Next Year. Halloween comes every year, and the colors, themes, and decorations never really change. So why wait until every year to spend top dollar when you can buy early (er – late?) and save a bundle. Been eyeing that witch’s couldron? The life-size skeleton? The bag of spiderweb? Get it all on sale and save for next year!

5. Candy. My FAVORITE item at any Halloween sale is the discounted candy isle. Not a blessing for my hips, but my wallet sure does love huge bags of Reece’s for $2 or sacks of lollipops for even less. Grab a few, stash them in a cubbard, or bring to work. Since the only thing themed about halloween candy is often the color of the wrapper, use the goodies to bake, give away for party favors, or to simply sweeten your day.

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