Political Fashionistas: Inauguration Style Round-Up

Michelle Obama isn’t the only political fashionista that’s been in the media spotlight in recent months, of course—Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain certainly grabbed their own share of the style chatter (and, in many cases, crossfire). In honor of the upcoming inauguration, TBF is rounding up some of our fave posts on the topic (and as soon as we link the hate-comment-inspiring Sarah Palin Moose Tote post, you’ll find us ducked down behind our desks until the we get the all clear . . . )

Sarah Palin Wardrobe Challenge. Kathryn spent about 12 hours holed up with her laptop and a steady supply of lattes to put this piece together, and is still waiting for her consulting call from the RNC stylists …


Sarah Palin Shoes: Look for Less. No controversy here—everyone agrees that Palin’s taste in shoes is fab, but we can definitely do it without soliciting donations (though we’re not against them either if you’re so inclined. . . ).

Sarah Palin Moose Tote: Get It. If you have something to say about this still, in the spirit of post-election America, let’s try to keep it civil. Seriously, between this and WalMart, we’ve had all the controversy we can take for the moment. (check out what other readers thought, too, on the TBF forum)

Political Fashion Comes To Rain Boots. We know the election’s over, but they’re on clearance, and are still super cute.

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