Political Fashion Comes to Rain Boots, $19.99 at Target

We all agree that Mrs. O has amazing budget-friendly style and, well, Govenor Palin rocks awesome shoes. Now Target, who knows a moneymaker when they see it, are selling donkey (for Democrats) and elephant (for Republicans) patterned rainboots for $19.99. This is the perfect accessory (and a good price for rain boots) for those who plan to spend the next month pounding the pavement for their favorite candidate/party.

P.S. I will give $20 to first person to send me a photo of either Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush rockin’ a pair of their party’s rain boots—$50 if you can find a photo of Cindy McCain wearing a pair.

(Please note any personal, nasty comments about either party will be deleted immediately. We’re talking about rain boots folks.)

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  1. Shopsista says

    I can’t get with these too cutesy rain boots.  However, I have purchased hot pink rainboots with a wedge heel from Target, on clearence for $13.  Matched my scarf, hot hot hot!!!

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