Summertime fashion is synonymous with a lot of S’es– sundresses, swimwear, and of course, sheer dresses. We love how this fashion trend can reveal so much with so little. It playfully shows off your silhouette and does a little coy display of skin, making you look sexy but not too racy. You don’t need to be a Victoria’s Secret model to wear this trend, though. Plus size sheer dresses can be worn outside the bedroom or wedding halls, as proved by these five lovely frocks we picked from Modcloth. The under $5o tag is what makes this roundup even more of a sheer delight!

What you’re rocking underneath plays an important role in getting the look together. Start with making sure you’re actually wearing something under the clothes. We know runway models are okay with going commando wearing the see-through fabric, but that doesn’t mean it works that way in real life, too. Also, try to get the same color as the plus size sheer dresses you’re wearing for a more pleasing visual impact.

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