Plus Size Models Take On the London Runway

What: Canadian designer Mark Fast has created a stir at London Fashion Week, but the controversy has nothing to do with his clothes. The designer chose to use size 10 to 12 models on his runway this week, prompting two of his staffers to quit the fashion label just days before the show.

What They Say:
“The decision to use fuller girls is something we have been talking about,” said Amanda May, a creative director for Mark Fast. “There’s an idea that only thin and slender women are able to wear Mark’s dresses and he wanted to combat that. We wanted women to know they didn’t have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress – curvier women can look even better in them.”

What We Say: Good for Mark for sticking to his guns, despite his employees’ walkout. The end result of his Fashion Week show was fantastic, and the models looked gorgeous. So will hiring larger models be a trend that’ll catch on here in the States? There’s no way to tell, but we sure hope so.

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  1. Memaw says

    Wow, when did a size 10 or 12 become “plus size” when the average American woman is a 14, at best?  Most models are 6 ft. tall and weigh somewhere around 110—how can women relate to that?

  2. TallAndFabulous says

    Remarkable.  I am extremely impressed with the guts Mark Fast showed.  It’s not easy to go against the grain, but he did it and was very successful.  Those women are KILLING IT.  They look amazing.  Where do I put in my application for the next show?!!!

  3. GGGG says

    Mark Fast is an amazing designer. It is a little sick that people would quit over a couple of 10 12 models. Is it that taboo? If you are an artist you are an artist, and he is incredible.  I am barely a size 2 and these pics only exemplify the range he has as a designer and how well he knows a woman’s shape. Hope these two small minded morons have trouble finding new jobs.

  4. sunshinestyles says

    Love it!  They look great.  It’s hilarious that size 10 to 12 is considered ‘plus size’, but I think it’s very refreshing and makes me interested in trying out his clothing.

  5. Connie Cox says

    Hurrah!  Clothes I can wear—which translates into clothes I will buy.  Mark has definitely gained a new fan.  I’ll be looking for his labels on my next shopping trip.

  6. elderberry says

    For starters sizes 10 and 12 are NOT Plus Size.
    I’m glad that someone decided to feature normal healthy women in a runway show. I’m tired of the emaciated 12 year old klutz in makeup look. Though these “Plus Size” Models need to stand up straight and stride with confidence.
    Now for the clothes…  In this economy we are all one step away from wearing rags, couture should not reflect that.  Couture show be about quality and tailoring.  Time to cover up and brig back the bias cut.

  7. Serena says

    The fact that 2 staff members quit over the use of size 10 and 12 (UK size) models just demonstrates the serious bias of the fashion industry towards regular women.  If they quit because size 10 and 12 models were used, what kind of message does this give to all the women who are even larger??  The fashion industry is the most shallow and hypocritical industry there is!  Maybe the current state of the economy will give it pause on how it does business.  I, for one, am not crying over the dismal business they’re getting!  I just hope those who perpetuate these unrealistic and prejudicial ideas about what is beautiful get flushed out of the system.  I will definitely be cheering when that happens!

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