Plus Size Models Take On the London Runway

What: Canadian designer Mark Fast has created a stir at London Fashion Week, but the controversy has nothing to do with his clothes. The designer chose to use size 10 to 12 models on his runway this week, prompting two of his staffers to quit the fashion label just days before the show.

What They Say:
“The decision to use fuller girls is something we have been talking about,” said Amanda May, a creative director for Mark Fast. “There’s an idea that only thin and slender women are able to wear Mark’s dresses and he wanted to combat that. We wanted women to know they didn’t have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress – curvier women can look even better in them.”

What We Say: Good for Mark for sticking to his guns, despite his employees’ walkout. The end result of his Fashion Week show was fantastic, and the models looked gorgeous. So will hiring larger models be a trend that’ll catch on here in the States? There’s no way to tell, but we sure hope so.