The Missing Photos: Average Sized Woman Absent from Streetwear Blogs

What: Gemma Cartwright, of the uber popular UK fashion blog Catwalk Queen, takes on the streetwear bloggers who apparently can’t find any woman stylish woman who wears a size 10+ (but plenty of “plus size” men).

What she says: Dollymix: “I know clothes have a tendency to hang or sit well on slim people, and I’m not saying these bloggers should suddenly stop taking pictures of slim people just to keep us 12+‘s happy. But there are plenty of women out there who’re not model slim but still look amazing…and they seem to be lacking on these sites, which is a real shame.

What I think: We focus way too much on size and not enough on style. Be the best YOU, that you can possibly be- whether it’s a size 2, 10, 18, or 26.

Also, I’m not sure where this concept that those who work in fashion are all size 2, especially when some of the most influential people in the fashion world aren’t- Fern Mallis, head of NYC’s Fashion Week, Hilary Alexander of UK’s Daily telegraph, Glenda Bailey Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, etc, etc. Who does tend to be thin, are the assistants and junior staff who’ve watched way too many episodes of “Sex and The City”.

Thanks Nichelle for the tip!