Plus Size Fashions: Fashion isn’t Just for Skinny People


Try stopping by your local outlet mall—Off 5th, the Saks Fifth Ave Outlet, has an amazing selection of designer plus-size fashions from Donna Karan, Oscar De La Renta and Anne Klein. And check out stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom,Bloomingdales, and Macy’s; they all have very hip plus-size departments. The plus-size departments at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s usually have the best sales, while Saks Fifth Avenue has more cutting-edge fashions and higher-end designers.

Remember that you can be a fashionista regardless of your size. Don’t let pop culture’s ridiculous fashion caste system dictate what you can and can’t wear. Armed with a heaping dose of self-confidence, a purse full of common sense and the rules above, you’re well on your way to becoming a true fashionista.


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  1. Lori says

    I love Fashion Just isn’t for skinny people.  I myself have always been a plus size and always will be.  I now have a daughter who is 6 and is also going to be a plus size.  You article is great and very inspiring to me.  Thanks so much for the low rise pants sections as well.  I see so many people who should not be wearing them, but have them on.  I will pass on your website and the article to my other plus size friends.  Once again Thank you.

  2. gladys bell says

    i am 5’2” tall. and used to wear a size 24-28, depending on the style.  when i lost a lot of weight after being ill, the best dresses i could find fo work were ms. claibourne’s dresses for plus-sized women with big boobs and short legs.  how i loved dresses! classy, great fabric, and even great price ai macy,s.  i’ve lost more weight after being ill, and can’t wait to get back am well now, and can’t wait to get in one prtite size 12s.

  3. BellaDio says

    Great article. I am a plus-size momma who has style. I get so frustrated sometimes when I am shopping, because I have no problem finding the clothing with no shape, no style and designed to be worn by my grandmother. I love it when I can find the items that are similar to those that I find in fashion mags. P.S. when will they stop making tops with horizontal stripes??

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