Fall Trend Alert: The Pleated Skirt

What: The trickiest skirt silouette for fall? Pleats, pleats, pleats.

What the fashion heads say: This, from Net-A-Porter.com: Calling the look “classic and conservative,” they add, “Keep it polished not preppy with an above-the-knee coat or a high-neck bateau top.”

What I say: Polished-not-preppy is key, but I have to say I’m hard pressed to find a reason to bother at all. While the current look includes more subtlety than the stiff line-up of schoolgirl knife-pleats that usually come to mind, let’s face it: pleats add volume. Even on the runway models. Which most of us are not. However, if you do happen to be a willowy girl who can handle a little extra oomph in the hip area, be sure to keep the rest of your look modern and sleek – skirt at the knee, close-fitting top, sophisticated patent heels. And no slouching. Click here for a versatile and budget-friendly option, by Nicole Miller at JC Penney.

photo from Style.com

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  1. Evie says

    I actually just saw a fellow college student wearing a similar outfit earlier today and thought she looked fabulous. She had on a brown knee length pleated skirt with a nice drape that flared out from her hips, an olive untucked fitted turtleneck sweater, and an antique gold metal belt worn loosely over the sweater at the high hip. She also had an average figure with some curves, and couldn’t have been over 5’5”.

    I think the keys to this look, as this woman figured out, are to balance the skirt with a slim look up top, go for an hourglass silhouette that emphasizes your waist, and stay away from colors and accessories that scream country club matron. I for one can’t wait to scour my favorite thrift stores for a pretty vintage pleated skirt…

  2. Melanie says

    I personally love the skirts with the pleats.  I had a few from summer that were so cute and I’m excited to see the trend carry over to the fall.  I’ve seen them all over the stores (and tried a few on) but haven’t yet found one that I like best on me.  I’m planning on checking out lord & taylor this weekend to see what I can find.  I normally have lots of shopping luck there. 

    I do agree that it’s hard to wear these skirts without looking preppy but I also think that it depends on personal style and what you pair with it.  Add your own unique look to the outfit and you can’t go wrong!

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