Plastic E Reader: Go Green

In a world of Kindles and super awesome, ahem, online magazines we constantly hear that print magazines and newspapers are headed for the shredder. But what about people who like to sit down with their paper over a cup of coffee or on a long train ride? Plastic Logic believes they have the answer.

The E Reader can scan and reproduce your morning paper or your digital downloads and serve up the Times and your daily sales report on its 10.1 inch digital screen. This video about the Plastic E Reader on estimates that four billion trees are cut down every year to provide paper for our reading materials. So this would be better, right?

You know where The Budget Ecoist stands on reducing unnecessary paper waste – but we’d like to hear from you. Would you carry this plastic folder around with you? Take it out on the porch and kick back? Or pull it out on your daily commute? Genius or back to the drawing board? Tell us what you think in comments!

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