Planting Fall Bulbs: Budget Gardening Tip

While it’s hard to think spring as we’re anticipating all that raking, just after the first hard frost is the ideal time to plant bulbs for spring blooms. A little planning in the fall will produce glorious bursts of color in the spring, so here’s the lowdown on how to create a show-stopping spring scene:

First, decide where you want the flowers to bloom – a backyard area shaded by trees, or a sun-filled spot near the front porch? The amount of sun the potential area receives will determine whether the flowers will thrive once planted. Does the area receive rainfall, or is it a dry patch that will require watering? Most bulbs do best in well-drained soil.

Also consider the arrangement and color combinations of the flowers once they bloom. Be sure to plant taller flowers in back, and plan for complementary or even a monochromatic color effect. Think about your house’s color and style as well – choose a complementary color combination, and one that will not blend into the background.

Some common and easy to grow bulbs include crocuses, which are one of the earliest bloomers, typically February-March; snowdrops, which will bloom February-April, depending on variety; daffodils, which bloom March-May; tulips, which can bloom from March-May, depending on the variety; and hyacinths, which will bloom April-May.

Photo: Van Dycks

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