Plant a Tree: Budget Gardening Tip

Late summer or early fall is the best time for planting trees in many areas. The still-warm soil of the season gives the tree a chance to establish new roots prior to the winter freeze. And, when spring arrives, the tree comes out of dormancy and is ready to grow.

There are many benefits to planting a tree, including the added beauty and shade to your garden and providing a habitat to wildlife, not to mention the energy and cost savings that it can provide.

§ When selecting a tree, consider the following:
§ What is the tree’s purpose? To provide shade, a habitat, beauty to your yard, etc.
§ How tall do you want the tree to get?
§ What is its life expectancy?
§ Is it appropriate to your area/climate?
§ Is it an evergreen or deciduous?

Find out more about how to properly plant a tree from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

For inexpensive trees that are appropriate for your growing climate, check out the Arbor Day Foundation website.

Photo by Rodrigo Roveri

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