Pizza Hut Perfume: Why Smell like Gardenia when you can Smell like Anchovies and Pepperoni?

Sandalwood, hints of citrus, rose and now . . . pepperoni?  Yep.  Pizza Hut perfume (as appealing to me as saying, “Prune Juice Shampoo” or “Horseradish Face Mask”) is creating quite the buzz.

Pizza Hut Perfume: Yea or Nay?

Turns out, it started as a joke on Facebook back in August.  The ad agency for the pizza giant didn’t think the idea was half-baked at all, so they approached Pizza Hut Canada’s marketing guru, who agreed the perfume would be a great way to celebrate reaching 100,000 Facebook fans.  Recently, Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page posted, “It’s finally here! The Pizza Hut perfume has been designed, formulated and shipped out to the lucky 100 people who won a bottle.”  Only the Pizza Hut Canada Facebook fans who asked for the limited edition fragrance received one.


Whatever happened to the good ‘ole days?  Growing up, I remember my mom walking through a mist of Estee Lauder White Linen.  As a little girl, I made my own perfume with rose petals and warm tap water.  My first love was Jovan White Musk.  These days, I alternate between Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and whatever scent floats my boat at Bath & Body Works.  Anyway, perfume was something we applied before going out to dinner.  Now, we want to smell like the dinner we’re about to enjoy.

Sorry, but I’m not feeling it.  I love out-of-the-box (pun intended) ideas, but I’m thinking I’ll pass on making Pizza Hut perfume my finishing touch after getting dressed for a night out.  Plus, after losing 70 pounds years ago, the last thing I want is to smell like the very thing that played a role in my um, rolls.  I love my lemon and mint face masks and can’t do without my vanilla lip balm, but a dab of Pizza Hut perfume behind my ears?  Not gonna happen.

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