How to Use Pinterest


Pinterest is the hot new thing in the social media world. While I’m not a fan of all social media tools (still haven’t embraced foursquare… It kind of creeps me out that people can know where I am at all times of day), I LOVE Pinterest. Building upon the bookmarking concept (which to be perfectly honest was totally flawed), Pinterest allows you to create online inspiration boards by pinning images you love directly from a website. As a lover of fashion, color, and all around cute objects, this social media tool was made for me.

How to Use Pinterest

Use Pinterest to Create Online Inspiration Boards

Create Online Inspiration Boards

I have several Pinterest boards set up as inspirational tools for my own personal style. For example, I use the “My Style Board” to pin things that fit my personal style and style philosophy. While these pieces aren’t necessarily pieces that I own (or will even purchase for that matter), they do inspire me and reflect my general thoughts about style. I also have a “For The Home” board, which is my inspiration board for the house that I hope to build someday. I could share the images in this board with the builder of my home (thinking positively now, I will get that dream home!), to get a sense of my personal style.

Use Pinterest to Keep Track of Trends
I recently started a Pinterest board to help keep track of the trends from Fall Fashion 2012 that I love. It’s also helpful for writers/bloggers to keep track of products/styles/trends without creating a separate folder.

Use Pinterest as a Closet Organizer
Use Pinterest to help organize your closets. Just take photos of your outfits and upload them to your boards. You may want to create several different boards based on different style categories (coats, evening, work outfits), so you can easily flip through your top looks.

Use Pinterest as an Online Recipe Book
I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and Pinterest is a great place to save all the awesome recipes that you find (note: the recipe must have a image in order for you to properly save it).

These are just a few ways to use Pinterest in your everyday life. I’m always on the lookout for other ways to use the site, so please submit your tips below. You can also follow my board at

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  1. Dee says

    Love your ideas and I LOOOOVE Pinterest!

    I’ve found that the best way to use Foursquare is to let people know where I am when I’m leaving (it throws your stalkers off!)

    Hope this helps! =)

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