Five Brands that Should have Pinterest Boards

We don’t get why certain tops brands aren’t on Pinterest. If you’re a brand or a store, having a Pinterest page should be a no brainer. You can turn fans of your brand into brand evangelists, spreading the awesomeness of your products along with direct links to the products page on your site. From a social media perspective, Pinterest has one of the most visually appealing interfaces (images are beautifully displayed, often better than on the original site) and it makes social commerce a great deal easier (just add the Pin It button to your browser tool bar).

So, we put together five of our favorite brands we wish would get their acts together and get Pinterest pages.

Brands Without Pinterest Pages

Target. If there is ever a brand that should be on Pinterest, it’s Target. With the motto of “Design for All,” you would think Target would be all over Pinterest, using the boards to help promote their upcoming “Go International” collabs (hello, Jason Wu for Target line) or putting together home decor inspiration boards using some of their home goods products.

Marc Jacobs: We love Marc Jacobs and so does most of the world, so it’s hard for us to understand why the brand isn’t on Pinterest yet. MJ’s customers are the Pinterest users and the social media tool would be a great way to promote new products, especially from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, which is at least saveable (meaning you can save and purchase an item from the line).

IKEA: If there was ever a brand that was made for Pinterest (besides Target), it’s IKEA with it’s colorful, design-heavy editorials and striking visual aesthetics. Personally, I would use the IKEA board for inspiration, printing out design images and taking them into my local IKEA when I shop for home decor.

Anna Sui: The designer Anna Sui is all about color, so Pinterest would be the perfect place for her to translate her colorful, lustworthy prints into a powerful visual presentation. People want to share Anna’s clothing (ok, really, I want to share Anna’s clothing).

Diane Von Furstenberg: Diane Von Furtstenberg, whose Fall 2012 collection brought a much needed dose of color to an otherwise gray fashion week, has a Pinterest page… but no pins. This is such a missed opportunity for a brand who has really been the leader (along with one of our favorite boards, Kate Spade) in injecting more color and prints into fashion.

What brands would you like to see on Pinterest?

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