February is the month of hearts, but if you aren’t ready to go all out with fiery red, why not start with something more… demure? Pink, a.k.a. Barbie’s color of choice, might lead us to think that it’s a color that only works if we’re somewhere around Honey Boo Boo’s age. Or maybe the thought of getting pegged as a Reese Witherspoon / Legally Blonde cosplayer has dissuaded some of us. Or maybe the color breeds cooties. The possibilities are endless, actually. But with a little fashion creativity, it is possible to wear it without looking like a walking Disney Princess advertisement. May it be through incorporating menswear-inspired fashion like dark bomber jackets to offset pink’s girly vibes, or layering them with neutrals (white and cream are our faves!), anyone can pull off the pretty in pink look! Here are our 5 budget picks for pink sweaters from Forever 21.

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