Hot pink, bubblegum pink, mountbatten pink (will this shade be endorsed by the Duchess Catherine anytime soon?) , magenta… there are so, so many ways a girl can wear her pink dresses this spring. Long known as the color of unconditional love and nurture, this feminine color represents the almost-maternal essence of spring bringing everything back to life. As a bonus, pink apparently works great when paired with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Emerald Green. Feng shui experts state that pink and green, symbolizing Fire and Wood respectively, are a positive color combination and will strengthen the “vibes of love” (and who wouldn’t want that, eh?) Need more convincing to go pink this season? Then check out the spring dresses in pink pastels that we rounded up for you. At under $50, these frocks are the perfect way to welcome the season.

Neutrals play well with pinks, either by waking them up or mellowing them down, in cases of cooler-looking neutrals, so have fun getting tickled pink!

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