Pierre Hardy Joins Gap

What: Shoe designer Pierre Hardy, whose footwear goes for $500 and up at pricey stores like Bergdorf and Nordstrom, is designing a spring shoe capsule collection for Gap, with prices ranging from $78 to $98.

The Lowdown: From WWD “Hardy, known for his sculptural sky-high stilettos under his eight-year-old signature label, as well as those he designed for edgy brands such as Balenciaga, adopted Gap’s casual aesthetic in creating the collection. The spring line includes a wooden wedge sandal with an ankle strap in printed fabrics and a chambray. There is also a strappy chunk-heel sandal and a flat, leather gladiator style.”

What I say: Pierre Hardy is major- go to your nearest Saks, Nordstrom, etc and you’ll see what I mean. However, I hope he comes better than the leather gladiator shown above. Seriously, it looks quite similar to a pair I purchased last season from Aerosoles.

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  1. says

    This seems to be a product of the new retail world. With the likes of Roberto joining H&M;and many other follow suit with other retail giants. I guess the high-end guys are tired of being knocked off and have decided to knock them selves off. The one variable is how will it affect the independent boutiques that help create the buzz for these labels to begin with. But everyone loves a bargin.

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