The Hook Up: Pierre Cardin Fashion Show

TBF recently attended Pierre Cardin’s fashion show and let us tell you – it blew us away.

Whether Cardin’s designs were wearable or not, didn’t seem to be the point, really. This isn’t to say that nothing was wearable, because there were some pretty amazing statement pieces that walked down that runway that real people could probably pull off. Cardin, did, after all, invent the “bubble dress” so he’s not entirely detached from reality. Yet, most of his work, seemed to be completely in the realm of art, and truly inspired.

Cardin is known for being totally avant-garde and focusing on space age, and geometric designs. We can say with confidence, that this is right on the money. However, it’s totally possible to look at his work and see some really great trends that are cropping up all over the place.

For one, statement hats are truly becoming mainstream again and Cardin, though over-the-top, displayed some really elegant looks. He also played around with oversized bows a la the ‘80’s, which are truly back in the mainstream after Lady Gaga’s famous hair bow and other designers utilizing this embellishment! His models appeared to be like Christmas gifts all wrapped up, but we got the idea.

Color blocking seemed to be huge on Cardin’s radar this season as well. He expertly matched autumnal shades and neutrals. We saw the whole rainbow, really, but he has a knack for knowing how to put different colorful items together. Take notes, readers!

What we really loved about the items we saw sashay down the runway, is how creatively Cardin plays with silhouettes for women and even men. He seemed to emphasize flowing fabric on a woman’s body by draping large swaths of it in various ways on dresses. He played with sleeves, necklines and hip proportions, and while his designs might be a bit funky for the typical budget fashionista (not to mention unaffordable) he is a great inspiration point. You can totally shop similar looks but with a mainstream spin.

His show, which was one of the longest when we’ve seen, seemed to simultaneously be a travel through history and fairytales and a leap into the shiny, futuristic, uh…future. If nothing else, check out his looks and you’ll be feeling a little more avant-garde yourself.

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