Stores I Like: Pier 1 Imports Clearance Stores

My friend Barb is brilliant, beautiful, and beyond practical. I mean, she develops SQL databases for fun. She’s even cheaper than me, refusing to pay more than $10 for any piece of clothing (I called her the budget-budget fashionista). At a size 4, she can actually do this without looking like a K-Mart Paris Hilton.

The frugalness has paid off, for she and her partner Rob, are the proud owners of a house. Now her ultra frugalness has transferred from mini-skirts to housewares and she has become one of my TOP budget houseware informants. She recently introduced me to the Pier 1 Imports Clearance Center.

I’ve always been a fan of Pier 1, but the prices have always seemed a bit steep for me, especially when I get similar items in the Global Bazaar section of my local However, the clearance store has incredible deals like toss pillows for $2 and bar stools for $25. Perfect prices for a Budget Fashionista.

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  1. FrugalDiva says

    the clearance or outlet Pier 1 is no longer. They closed their doors a few years ago in Indianapolis. If there are any other locations in the USA, I am not aware of them. If anyone knows of an outlet Pier 1 please share! Thanks.

    • SK says

      Unfortunately, the one in Norcross, GA is no longer a clearance store and is just a standard Pier 1 Imports store.

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