Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Collection via Organic Beauty

What: We were perusing the other day and were excited to read this post about Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Collection

What They Say: ”Mask imperfections and even out your skin tone with these incredibly light and creamy cosmetics. They’re sold at mass-market and drugstores so they cost less than their department store counterparts, but are just as high quality. All of the products in the Physicians Formula Organic Wear collection are made with natural ingredients, some of which are Eco-Cert certified organic.”

What We Say: We think it’s awesome that affordable, good beauty products such as Physician’s Formula are making organic products now.  Physician’s Formula is really going above and beyond with their eco-goodness.  Even the packaging for their Organic Wear product line is 100% recycleable! Thanks, Sprig, for hipping us to a great product!

Photo by Youngna Park; courtesy of

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