Petite Fashion Tips

Many of the rules and myths governing petite dressing are as outdated as a pair of spandex stirrup pants.
Don’t believe me?
Just take a look at petite celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria,and Reese Witherspoon, petite fashionistas who demonstrate that rules are made to broken.  Using these fabulous stylistas are inspiration,  we put together a short list on how to break these rules.

Old School Rule: Short women shouldn’t wear color
New Rule:
- Wearing the same color on both top and bottom elongates your body. Choose a color that’s flattering to your natural tones, and add accessories, like jewelry and a purse, with splashes of color to spice it up.
- Match your shoe color to your outfit as well. If you wear black pants or tights, wearing black shoes can create the illusion of more length to your body.

Old School Rule: Heels are the best way to appear taller
New Rule:
- While heels do add height to your legs, choose a shorter height (1”-2”) that will make you appear taller, but not off balance. Too-tall heels can make you look like you’re walking on stilts!
- You can wear straight leg or wide leg pants, just keep them long enough to cover most of your shoes, to keep up the visual of longer legs.

Old School Rule: Don’t wear long skirts
New Rule:
- Avoid skirts that fall at mid-calf, as they will make your legs appear short and possibly stocky. However, ankle-length skirts can be flattering for petites. Pair it with a shorter jacket to create the illusion of length.
- Dresses can be a petite girl’s best friend! If you pick the right length and style, the focus will be on the overall look and not your height. A wrap dress is a sure bet, because it highlights your figure and keeps the focus away from your height.

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