ShopSmart’s Shopping Tips for Personal Care Items

More ways to save

  • Stock up when stuff is on sale. Instead of waiting until you run out of something or start to run low, load up on products when they’re marked down. Ad circulars and websites like can help you plan ahead.
  •  Max out coupons. Read the retailer coupon policies. Most supermarkets allow stacking – using store and manufacturer coupons together. Some stores, such as Stop&Shop and Piggly Wiggly, also double coupons. If you hit a sale, you have a coupon, and the store will double it, you may end up paying a lower price at a supermarket than somewhere else.
  • Try store brands. Many store-brand products are just like their name-brand versions, and you might even like them better. Walmart’s Equate brand, for example, got high marks in our most recent body-lotion test.
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