ShopSmart’s Shopping Tips for Personal Care Items

If you’re trying to put your finances on a diet, one of the things you do is account for everything. And when we mean everything, we mean including your razor cartridge that only costs 2 dollars a piece, or your $5 bottle of shampoo. The reason is simple: it’s just so easy for us to overspend on personal care.

That’s why ShopSmart sent several secret shoppers to learn who’s offering the best deals on razors, shampoos, and other personal necessities. Here’s what they reported back to us.

Shopping Tips to Help You Save More on Personal Care Items

  • Walmart can save you big bucks. It had the lowest prices on the most items on our shopping list – similar to what we’ve found in previous price scans. Target was often a close second but rarely had the absolute lowest prices.
  • Drugstores can cost you. CVS and Walgreens had the highest prices on the most products. They might be convenient, and their loyalty cards can net you some good discounts, but you could pay as much as 112 percent more than you would at Walmart.
  • Websites are the place to go for higher-end brands. If you’re looking for Aveeno instead of Vaseline, or a natural brand like Burt’s Bees, you might find the best deals online. But you’ll pay extra for shipping if you don’t spend at least $25 at Amazon and, or at least $50 at
  • Supermarkets aren’t so bad. We were surprised to see that their prices were pretty competitive. So if you’re in a pinch, don’t worry that you’re paying a premium for the convenience of grabbing a bottle of shampoo along with your groceries.
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