TBF Fashion Newsletter:  The Unexpected Chic Accessory for Spring? TBF’s Got You Covered

Okay, we admit it. When we want something, we tend to become a bit obsessed. And right now, we’re on a mission to find the perfect hat. With the cold weather coming to a close (hopefully) soon our minds are everywhere from the sales on winter headgear (like at Macy’s and Bluefly) to all the hats out now for spring and summer. There’s just something about hats that make the wearer appear more intriguing and mysterious, not to mention shielded from the big, bad sun. Now if you’re one of those women who loves to see hats on others, but tends to think, nahhh that look would never work for my office/school/lifestyle, think again.

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  1. Virenda says

    I wanted to like the cowboy hat thing, but on me it looks too real. As in, I should be chewing on hay and maybe be featured in a Tommy Hilfiger kinda ad (not a compliment). 

    I found the floppy hats look amazing, very retro and chic.

  2. Liz says

    I just went to bluefly to check out the “headwear”. Found some very cute and floppy straw pieces. Also found they are giving away free handbags, some thing called Bag-o-rama. Check it out!

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