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The blog post that nearly crashed

How to Pop a Pimple” sent the entire site into overdrive, and the guest blogger responsible, L.A. dermatologist Jessica Wu, now has a new book, Feed Your Face ($27, St. Martin’s Press,

Dr. Jessica Wu

Here, her advice:
Step 1
The only pimples that are (relatively) safe to pop are whiteheads. Painful cysts or boils are too deep to drain by yourself and can scar.

Step 2
Wash your hands and face; swab spot with alcohol.

Step 3
Dip a clean needle in alcohol and gently pierce the whitehead. Try not to draw blood.

Step 4
Gently squeeze from either side using hands or Q-tips. If it doesn’t come out easily, stop. Squeezing too hard causes scarring.

Step 5
Cover with a Band-Aid to prevent scabbing.

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