Pencils Made from Newspaper: Recycle This

We’ve found the perfect writing utensil to use with our tree-free journals — the tree-free pencil! O’Bon calls itself the home of the “world’s greenest pencil,” and although we don’t have the ability to examine every pencil company in the world, we’re really liking their products. Instead of the bland, yellow-ish pencils, they have multi-colored pencils with different designs. The graphite itself can also come in different colors. The best thing about these pencils? They’re made of recycled newspapers. They’re non-toxic, water-resistant, and well protected. These pencils last longer than ordinary wooden pencils, so we’ll be saving money plus many trees. They have wildlife themed colored pencils, high quality art pencils, and their pencils are partly made of newspaper, too.

We suggest buying these pencils for children — they’re so fun. A pack of 10 pencils is $4.49.


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