Fashion Advice: What to Do with a Peasant Skirt

Dear Budget Fashionista

Last summer I stocked up on cute peasant skirts.  They’re cute and flattering, but not as in style this season.  Are there any ways I can accessorize or change my skirts to make them more on trend for this year?


A: Try pairing the skirt with a monochromatic top,  one of the seasons’ wide belts (Forever 21, H&M, Deb, Mandees, Marshall’s, etc. all have versions of this belt) and this summer’s must have shoe—the espadrilles.

You can also add a little more color (beaded necklace, embroidered cotton top, chandelier earrings) and flare for more of a Mexican/Chicano influence (think brillant Mexican artist Frida Kahlo) than the boho influence of last summer.

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  1. says

    I am a size 14 and have been told in no way can I wear a cinch belt. Well I’ve gone and bought one anyway, and guess what? It looks fab, so there!
    I’ve added the link for any other larger ladies that still want to look fashionable!

    Hope it’s of interest

  2. says

    A lot of women thought that wearing long peasant skirts will make them look old. Actually, these flouncy tiered skirts seem to reappear every summer and there are always some women, young and old who love to hold this look. Try to remember Sienna Miller’s long turn with this look.

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