Turning Peanuts into Diamonds

What: Scientists at Edinburgh University in Scotland used extremely high pressures to turn things like peanuts to diamond.

What the fashion heads say: From Style Dash,  “Given the dirty dealings and unethical practices of the diamond trade, I’m pleased to hear that the days of the status quo are numbered. Just the same I doubt many women will forgo the “Diamond is Forever” mentality for a rock made in a lab from jar of Skippy.”

What the Scientists say: from the BBC,  “Obviously large gem-quality diamonds would be extremely expensive, so we are looking at ways to make them artificially… Many carbon containing materials can be converted into diamond including peanut butter.”

What I say: No wonder I like peanut butter.

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  1. says

    I am all for it. I’m sure it will make diamonds much more available to the masses thus making it less of a luxury item that people die over. Imagine how much better countries that export peanuts will become. Now if we could only get America to step up its corn fuel production.

  2. Sasha says

    This is nothing new… there are already synthetically created (gem-quality) diamonds in the marketplace, which are 100% the same molecularly and visually as “natural” diamonds.  They’re a fraction of the price and have less flaws.  There’s a lot of propoganda out there that these are not the same as real diamonds, and De Beers inscribes all their diamonds with serial numbers…

    If people can get over this marketing, diamonds won’t be expensive or scarce.  They’re not a rare or scare stone anyways, they’re made artificially scarce because the industry stockpiles them to drive up prices… ever wonder why diamonds have no resale value?

  3. TBF says

    you are correct sasha.. prior to the De Beers post WWII diamond engagement ring campaign, most folks wore just plain gold bands

  4. Jen says

    Even creepier: I’ve heard the same thing can be done with dead people, as opposed to, say, cremation.  We are carbon-based after all.  Just make momma into a pair of diamond earrings!  Gross.

  5. melissa says

    I heard that creepy turning-dead-beings-into-diamonds thing too, it was a story about a company that offered to turn dead pets into diamonds. Can’t remember where I read it….

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