Fall 2006 What to Buy: Payless

When it comes to budget style, Payless used to be the last store that came to mind. H&M? Yep. Target? Oh, yeah. Wal-Mart? Maybe. But Payless? Oh, no… at least until now.  With the newAbaete line and the revamping of several stores, Payless is entering the budget style ring with guns a-blazing.  This redesign has mostly taken place in large markets (most notably New York City) and for most of the country they’re not quite there, but the new face of Payless is coming and it’s going to be good.

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the store for fall:

    • payless5.gif
      Jessica Round Toe Pump, $19.99


  • Traditional Saddle Shoes, $14.99. (I just think these would look so cool with a black suit)
  • payless7.gif
    “Ilektra” Peep-Toe Pump, $19.99
  • abaeteboots.gif
    Abaete Boots, $45.00
  • payless1.gif
    Daphne Pattened Leather Flats, $12.99



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  1. says

    Someone pls tell me if any of these are available in the Canadian stores!! If so, I think I might be buying my first pair of shoes (or boots) from Payless

  2. says

    Payless has those Lolita patent leather pumps in black and they used to have them in RED!!! They seem to have perhaps either run out of the red or haved stopped making them for some reason which is just a TRAVESTY! So Miss Budget Fashionista, will you please please please use your womanly power and pull and prowress to convince Payless to reissue the Lolita pumps in Red again…Oh, and in a size 6.  I couldn’t find them before in a size 6.  PUH-LEEZE do this tiny little favor.

  3. says

    Must.Find.Boots. Wow! Those boots are HOT! Wasn’t planning on going out on this rainy day but um…shoe shopping waits for no man (or woman). I’ve been trying to tell folks for the last few years not to sleep on Payless…they’re definitely on the come up.

  4. says

    Hi there,

    Although I looove the looks, I can’t afford to buy cheap shoes. I’m really, really hard on them and need them to be sturdy and high quality.

  5. TBF says

    Payless has really got their act together..  They’re rolling out some new concept stores in the next couple of months that remind me of the old parade shoe stores.

  6. Jess says

    I hate when Payless is referred to poorly because I have been shopping there since toddlerhood and have always found fabulous shoes on an even more fabulous budget.  I’ve had several pairs of shoes from the store that have lasted quite a long time and have recieved many compliments.  I definitley am loving their new collection this fall.  If you’re a true budget fashionista, then run dont walk to this store.

  7. Anonymous says

    I checked out the website and went to my neighborhood payless, and NO Abaete. But I did get these awesome cowgirl boots for $10, and the original price was $65. I also got winter boots for $19!!!! I agree about the quality, since the cowgirls and having loose threads, but a snip here and voila.

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