You’ve got the apple pie, sparklers and July 4 barbecue festivities all set. Next up?

Take a break from all your Independence Day planning and enjoy our rundown of 13 great patriotic style icons—past and present—who’ll no doubt be remembered for their country’s loyalty as well as for their sometimes over-the top (and sometimes not) ensembles.

Patriotic Style Icons

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Hey Toots, Smile and Say: Tootsie

Credit: Movie Goods

Sure, the movie was about a frustrated, unemployed man (Dustin Hoffman) who resorts to dressing like a woman (Tootsie) to land a role in a well-known soap opera. What’s memorable here is the scene where she (he?) lands on the cover of TIME magazine, saluting while wearing a very figure-flattering floor-length red dress and standing in front of the flag.
That image was soon splashed on video-rental store (remember those places?) posters and cassette covers everywhere. It’s still a memorable scene, one that depicts going for the American dream no matter what outrageous things you might have to do to ultimately get what you’re seeking.

What are some of your favorite patriotic style icons? Let us know…then get out there and enjoy your July 4! Be safe and have fun, fashionistas!