Yea or Nay: Target’s Go International Patrick Robinson

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The Patrick Robinson for Target collection hit the stores this past week and I’m a fan!  Robinson, former darling of the design world and former head of Perry Ellis captures a bohemian chic vibe with this collection, with just the right dose of wit, color and lightness for summer.

Ranging in price from $12.99 – $44.99, the line includes a variety of warm weather staples such as loose cotton tanks and flowing jersey dresses, as well as long shorts, tunics and white button-downs. Stand-out pieces include the linen jack shown above (love it!), short shorts tied at the thigh, and his signature, Mediterranean-inspired print.

Robinson’s collection of women’s fashion and accessories will be available through July 15, 2007.

Yea or Nay: Patrick Robinson for Go International?

Up next for Target Go International: Libertine and Alice Temperley

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  1. janey says

    I’m a bit lukewarm on this collection.  I like bright colours opposed to khaki and taupes.  Linen is great for summer, but I find the collection doesn’t stand out, fabric-, design-, or color-wise.


  2. tina says

    YEA…i just got a skirt and a pair of white linen shorts from his collection. What I like the most about Patrick’s line is the fit. I’m not so sure about the quality of the fabric, haven’t washed it yet.

  3. Angie says

    Does anyone know what’s up with the Target promotional code (10% off entire order) that was supposed to last until 6.30.07 and is now rejected/expired?  Was it overused?  tgtsavq2

  4. Cupcake! says

    It’s ok, but a little too khaki really.  Kind of boring, but comfortably so.

    I’m excited for Libertine and Alice Temperley though!  Thanks for the tip!

  5. megan says

    I must say yay. It is simple and breezy perfect for summer, but nay in away cuz it is semi boring. it expect a little bit more pop from these special lines.

  6. LC says

    Yea! I love that some are slightly grecian inspired and that several of the pieces are more neutral and will mix well with my casual wardrobe and more colorful accents and accessories.

  7. OCAKA says

    I have a reserved “nay” because the Go International sizing is junior, not misses. Some of the pieces I do like, though.

  8. viene says

    Nay….too boring. Summer should be fun, bright and cheery. But this collection is plain blah. I’m not into jackets for summer neither earth colors for this season.

  9. says

    My first instinct is that I like the collection, It’s cute and doesn’t look like stuff that I already have in my wardrobe.  However, I’ve heard that a lot of it fits kind of funky; I really can see the pockets overwhelming me here.  Also, my personal peeve, is that I think the medallion print is over used.  So, I give it a B, B-

  10. Lori says

    Yea! I like Patrick Robinson’s Go Intl pieces.  I purchased a minidress & thought the other pieces in this collection were wearable for more body types (& age ranges) than some of the other Go Intl lines have been.

  11. says

    Well, she should go international. but it just that i don’t like the colour choice….brown bikini is too boring. For summers, it has to be cheeeeeeeeerful.

  12. hsk says

    Love the collection….Finally something with actual style since the horrid Proenza Schuler collection.
    (with the exception of the trapeze coat)
    Great colors although dominated by neutrals. But the khakis is what I am in the mood for in the heat of the summer. I really do love almost everything in this Patrick Robinson line. Lyrical and soft, creative

  13. T says

    Yay. I purchased the grecian print brown and white tunic with the 3/4 sleeves.  I didn’t even try it on.  Took it home, tried it on, walked outside – my husband did not even recognize me!  Yay.

  14. Lulu says

    Yea!  I’ve been waiting for you to post a review!  I did not know he was coming and when I saw the collection in the store, I was completely blown away.  I’ve since read reviews where he’s bashed for being boring and neutral, but you know, boring/neutral/classy WORKS.  Even though I’m a grown woman his stuff looks good on me (though I have to go up the obligatory two sizes).  The shapes are in but just different enough from what everyone else is selling.  I’ve bought four pairs of pants and the pink t-shirt.  Was briefly tempted by the jacket but I have too many jackets already so am staying away.

  15. kimberley says

    Bought the jacket- love it!  I’ve worn it with jeans and a pencil skirt as well as a flirty gauze skirt I bought at target.  I have received a ton of compliments and most people think it’s a high priced item from a designer store.  Also bought the grecian tunic- the quality is what you would expect for the price- not sure I love it- but it is a fun top for this summer- not sure about next.
    I say YAY for sure!

  16. Roela says

    i say a big yay to this collection. its a really summer line with light colors and even lighter fabrics. i just love the whole style of this collection…

  17. mary says

    Too bland and “hippiesque” for my liking.
    Luella and Behnaz were way better collections.

  18. viola says

    I didn’t mind the colors but fit tended to be an issue.  I loved (and bought) the cargo pants in the dark denim and the brown color.  Yea with reservations b/c of crazy fit issues.

  19. Newman says

    I bought a bikini from this colection, rather plain, a powder blue color with crochet accents on the bottom sides and the halter straps, it is the BEST FITTING bikini I have ever owned and is very flattering, it’s hard finding small bottoms and tops that will accomodate 32Ds and this has been great!! The quality is superb as well!

  20. martha says

    I usually buy the GO line when is on discount. But this PR marine blues ballon like skirt worthed the $30 it costed me. I paired it with a nude/gold top and washed gold sandals. killer look!

  21. says

    I love the brown and white tunic dress, it’s so “Greek Isles in the summertime”.  His prints are great, and the bikinis fit really well.

  22. Lainey says

    I love the jacket. I have been wearing it a lot and get so many compliments. I am wearing it right now in the office. It was so worth the $$. My favorite piece PERIOD for the summer.

  23. Ari says

    I love the Greek vibe that is happening with his medallion prints, and I might add they have become a collectible of sorts, as people are selling them on ebay for twice the price.  Who knew?

  24. says

    I think it’s a great look for someone in jr. sizing.
    Would like to see all of the Target designers delve more into colors and to see it merchandised with accessories, shoes & handbags.

  25. Kimberly Hoyle says

    I personally LOVED the Patrick Robinson collection!  It was a very mature line and had great style elements that I haven’t seen in Target since the GO campaign launched.  I will admit though, I make it a point to get at least 1 piece from EVERY collection.  I am LOVING the Temperley collection now!

  26. Rick says

    I would say Yay, but you’re going to start seeing these outfits throughout every high school in America. 

    So, I say “Skip It”.  Go find something original.  Make something on your own or go to (cheap) one-off stores.  In the end, you’ll be more original and you’ll be able to stay more true to your OWN style—not cookie-cutter barbie dolls.

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