Patricia Field’s Designer Soda Bottles

What: Patricia Field is designing four limited edition Diet Coke bottles for Coca-Cola Great Britain. The set is on sale for $100 on Each bottle is a different color: red is passion, pink is love, turquoise is fashion, and gold is career.  There are only 25 sets on sale unless you want to head to Selfridge’s in England.

What We Say: The designs are edgy and interesting, both adjectives that are forever connected with Patricia Field. We don’t quite understand the subject’s facial expressions, but we like the concept of each bottle representing an aspect of a woman’s life. Each woman on the bottle looks spunky or even angry—we can’t help but associate each with a Sex and the City character. We rather spend 100 dollars on clothes or accessories, but we’re betting these bottles are going to be kitschy collectibles years from now. Splurge on them if you want something to look back on with either fondness or confusion.

What do you think of the bottles’ designs?

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