All year round, you have been such a hardworking and productive employee/worker/entrepreneur (and even if you weren’t, it is still a nice thought, so let’s stay within that premise, shall we?). So if there’s one part of the year that you deserve to relax, have fun, and just let your hair down, it has got to be the holidays. For some reason that we logically attribute to winter full moons or the tempting aroma of freshly-baked Magnolia Bakery cookies, we find ourselves infused with the fashion bravado and VC runway-worthy confidence to wear clothes and shoes which normally intimidates us in, say, June. For some of us, this means finally strutting on  Heels Looking at You, Kid: Holiday Heels on the Cheap from Zappos.

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Type Z - Aaralyn

Type Z - Aaralyn, $35.99

Zappos has five festive pieces for your feet (all under $60!) available for your picking. Be sure to grab ‘em before 1PM PST on the 23rd to get a guaranteed FREE shipping before Christmas!