Paper Towel Rolls: Recycle This

We here at The Budget Ecoist, are always looking for new things to do with paper towel rolls. Why? Because they’re perfectly shaped and it just feels like they could be used for so many things that it would be a darn shame to simply recycle them. Here are ten of our favorite things to do with paper towel rolls. Have any ideas of your own? Share them with us!

1. Rain sticks: A great project for kids stuck inside on a rainy day. Paint the rolls, seal one end with a square of decorative paper and a tie. Throw in a handful of rice and seal the other end similar to the first. Enjoy! Rain sticks main rainy days not so bad!

2. Hot Wheels Tunnels: Another great use for those who have kids. Hot wheels tracks are infinitely more fun when there are toys to be knocked down and tunnels to be run through. Simply slide the track through the paper towel roll and voila! Instant tunnel. Perhaps you want to add your own graffiti and give it that realistic urban flare?

3. Kaleidoscope: Fill the roll with small beads, seal the ends with colored plastic wrap or waxed paper and tie with string or rubber bands.

4. Holiday Napkin rings: Simply cut into circles and decorate for the holidays. For example, glue paper hearts around the circle for valentine’s day, decorative leave in autumn, etc.

5. Fire starter: bring them along camping and when it’s time to make the bonfire, you won’t have to go searching out twigs.

6. Mini Windsocks: Decorate the roll, hang streamers or ribbon from one end, and attach a string for hanging the other end.

7. Binoculars: Cut the roll in half and glue them side by side. Add a ribbon or string so you can hang the binoculars around your neck. Decorate as desired.

8. Seedling starters: Cut the roll into 4 pieces. Pack the tubes closely together in a tray, fill with soil and seeds. When they sprout, gently pull out of the tray and bury.

9. Store electrical cords: Roll electrical cords and squeeze into the roll to store. No more tangled cords all over the place!

10. Fabric scraps: Roll fabric scraps around the tubes and tape. Similar to wrapping paper, this little trick will keep your scraps in order.

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