Paper or Plastic? Neither!

We’re used to getting funny looks at the grocery store. In our small town, it’s hard not to when you are going against the grain. We tend to do that, but most recently we’ve noticed that we’ve become trendsetters rather than outcasts.

Here’s why: we use reuseable grocery bags. Sadly, they are the decidedly un-stylish store bags, emblazoned with their bright-red logo on the sides. But we use them, and reuse them, and we’ve noticed others are starting to do the same.


If you want to be environmentally conscious yet stylish when you shop, you have some options. sells the black-and-white reusable grocery bag pictured above from happybags—a cute alternative to store-name bags. Made of upholstery weight cotton, the bags sell for $19.95 each.

Or you can purchase recycled cotton canvas tote bags on sale right now at for $8.99 each.

Many stores are now selling bags as well. Publix, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, among others, sell them for $1-1.99. Better yet, many stores will give you a 5 cent refund for each bag you use, whether you bought them at their store or not.

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