Paper-Free Schools, DIY Spring Bags, and more: Web Round-Up

School offers paper-free handouts via Mother Nature Network – Jenn Savedge, author of green parenting books, blogs about schools that are using their environmentally-friendly know how to address budget crunches. For example, a school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is going paperless with their lunch menus, schedules, fundraising information and announcements. The cost-savings to the school? Over $1500 this year alone!

Build a Slouchy Spring Bag via ThreadBanger – Got some material or a scarf lying around and a desire for a new spring bag? Check out this post from ThreadBanger and make your own! No sewing (or talent) required!

10 Most Dangerous Foods via Sprig – Some foods pose as healthy, causing victims to be taken by surprise. The abundance of farmed fish, for example…who thought fish could be bad for you? Read Sprig’s top 10 list of the foods that might pose a risk to your health (especially if you’re pregnant) and get informed.

Organize Your Recycling Center via – Location, presentation, separation and transportation. These are the backbones to your organized recycling solution. Learn how to keep your recycling in ship shape!

5 green budget tricks for parents via SuperEco – The pressure is on for all those green mommas — but doing it on a budget can be tricky. Or is it??? Get some great tips on how to be a budget-savvy parent from SuperEco.

Image courtesy of Mother Nature Network

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