Cheap(er) Designer Denim: Paper, Denim & Cloth to Lower it’s Prices

The designer denim company, Paper Denim & Cloth,  has lowered the retail price on their new and classic denim lines to $90-$130 (from $150 and up). I’m not sure why they lowered it (perhaps competition from places like H&M and Target?). I wonder if other higher priced lines like Rock & Republic and James jeans will follow suit?????

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  1. Anne says

    If they can lower their prices by that amount and still turn a profit, then they were overpriced to begin with (as are all designer jeans, in my opinion).  Of course it is due to competition.

  2. laranta says

    From what I understand, they moved their production facilities overseas, which lowered their costs.

    I recently got a pair of black skinny jeans from them that I love.  Quality seems to be unaffected.

  3. TBF says

    interesting… on another PD&C note..
    they’re having a sample sale dec. 7-dec. 10th
    @ 72 Greene St in Soho… 212-388-0339.. stuff better be WELL below $90 bucks!

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