Pantyhose & Stockings: Recycle This

We know all about recycling our plastic bottles, metal cans, batteries, CDs, and much more, but there are more synthetic products where those came from! Pantyhose, made out of not-so-natural nylon, rips and wears down easily, and most of us toss them in the trash and buy more cheap ones. The most eco-conscious among us have been guilty of this, and we’ll admit it. Good thing has come up with ways to re-use them around the house. They’ve come up with a whopping 18 ways to re-use them, and we’ve picked three of our faves to share with you.

1. Use your old pairs of pantyhose as stuffing for craft dolls or cushions.
2. They can also be great polishing cloths for furniture or shoes.
3. Cut off the waistbands of pantyhose and use it as a heavy-duty rubber band. If you’ve got control top pantyhose, more of the top can be used as well.

Have you thought of unusual ways to recycle and reuse your synthetic products? Let us know below or in the forum!


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