Pantyhose: Recycle This

Today is an exciting day for us at The Budget Ecoist. What is the cause of this excitement, you ask?  Well, let us tell you! We were minding our own business, working on planting some bare root fruit trees (cuz it’s tres eco to grow your own, and free to boot!) when suddenly, out of nowhere came a wonderful recycling opportunity!

After planting the tree, it’s a good idea to stake it for support.  Most gardening or hardware stores sell stake ties upwards of $10 (check out these plant ties at But then we thought to ourselves, Hmmm wouldn’t pantyhose work just as well?  Check out the evidence in the image! Yeah, we’re pretty proud about that.

But don’t stop there.  The uses for pantyhose are endless! Options include:

Use different types of hose as a softening filter for videography

Chamois-replacement for buffing your shoes

Storage for rolls of wrapping paper, no longer will you have to tape the paper to keep it from unrolling!

Replacement for cotton balls when removing nail polish

As a sachet  fill with potpourri or lavender

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