HSN’s Pamela Pekerman on Today’s Shoptalk

Today I chat with my dear friend Pam Pekerman, HSN’s bag expert and founder of BagTrends.com.

Three Things You’ll Learn From Our Interview with Pam


– Throwing your bags in the corner of your closet isn’t a good way to protect them. Purchase bag covers or make your own with old white pillow cases.

– Like any good pet owner, you must walk your bags, cause if you don’t they will mess all over your closet. Okay, they won’t but what’s the sense of having things in your closet if you never use them. It’s about quality and value, not quantity.

– If you still hanging on to your fake Louis Vuitton cause it makes you feel “proud” when you’re standing in the unemployment line, please let it go. I mean, really.

Interview with Pamela Pekerman

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