Packaging Matters: Green Tips

Yesterday we were perusing the fruit aisle at the grocery store. We’d like to put it out there that we rarely buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  We prefer the Farmer’s Market.  But our schedule didn’t allow us to make the Farmer’s Market last weekend and our supply of fruit had seriously dwindled.

We also made a strategic shopping mistake by bringing our toddler with us.  As a result, and we’ll just cut this story short, let’s just say we were forced to purchase fruits from distant locales that we would otherwise NEVER, EVER purchase. But try explaining the oil cost and implicatons of a plum transported from Chile to a 3 year-old. You can imagine how that conversation went, right?

Luckily we were able to convince him into the pears that were grown in our home state.

Sometimes we have to compromise, even 3 year-olds.  What we learned from yesterday’s compromise is that when you can’t be as green as you’d like, you can still be conscious of your choices.

Once we had settled on the pears, another choice had to be made: two pre-packaged options of pears.  The regular pears were in a basket, similar to how you would see strawberries packaged, wrapped in celophane.  The second option was the organic pears.  Yes, they were organic and that’s already a better option.  But the interesting thing was the packaging. These pears were arranged on a cardboard plate with a sticker that read, “Renewable, Backyard Compostable, Earthcycle Packaging

Wow! Compostable packaging.  Of course we would have prefered no packaging at all.  But give the choices we were able to buy organic and get packaging that was compostable.

Sometimes being green is all about making the better choice in the moment that it is offered.  It doesn’t have to be painful.

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