Oxygen’s New Show Thrift Wars


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72 day marriages.  Extreme couponers.  Hoarders.  And tons of people who are famous for… well, we’re still trying to figure that one out.  We’ve seen it all when it comes to reality tv’s gamut of crazy/weird/etc, and it looks like we’re adding another show to the ever-expanding list.  Oxygen’s Thrift Wars features Manhattan’s thrift shoppers looking for hidden gems in flea markets, estate sales, etc to see who can make the  most money off their finds.

“Oxygen is committed to developing distinctive and relatable projects that speak directly to our core viewers; their interests and passions,” said Rod Aissa, the senior VP of original programming and development at Oxygen. “Cori Abraham and her development team have done an outstanding job identifying themes of importance to the young Oxygen viewer and these new titles are the right fit for the brand. They are bold and noisy and keep with Oxygen’s core values—living life on your own terms.”

We love thrifting, but we’re wondering if this one will be a surprising hit… or just awful.  Does everything have to be a show on reality tv?  What’s next?  Thrifters with 19 kids and counting who hoard excessive amounts of coupons after being married for less than 73 days? 

What do you think?  Will you tune in for Thrift Wars? 

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  1. ronnie says

    I’m a sucker for reality tv, and shows like pawn stars, hoarders, etc, so I will watch. but UGHHHHH to kim kardahsian.. no respect at ALL for that family.

  2. says

    I must admit. I love thrift store shopping. I’m more interested in scoring home decorating finds, but I’m not opposed to any deal. It’s a great feeling to find a small fortune for almost free. Jen, I hope you’re wrong, but I can see your point.

  3. karen davis says

    I think the show could be a hit, everyone loves a bargain. In this economy, thrifting is important. More important is that many individuals are looking for affordable distinctive clothing that makes them feel good and look good in our current economic downturn. Not everyone can afford to shop at the mainstream stores and high retail prices, but to find a bargain that makes you look good and feel good….well that is a winner! The characters on the show will have an important part in the success of the show and selling the concept to middle America. Hey ladies, don’t we all love a bargain? And do not lose sight that the purchases made at Salvation Army or Good Will go to a great cause that benefits many others…..

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